Nancy Duarte

Certified Life/Divorce Coach

Nancy Duarte is a Certified Life/Divorce Coach had been a therapist for family issues for over two decades. She herself had gone through a toxic relationship. Throughout my career, I’ve been captivated by the intrinsic beauty of human beings and inspired by the mix of emotions we experience as humans interacting with the world and those around us. My work is not only a narration of my own life journey but a culmination of dreams and hopes for what lies ahead. My desire to help others see their honest, amazing ability and express themselves in a new form has brought me feelings of grand fulfillment. I am thrilled to share my passion and bring feelings of joy into your life through The Road Less Traveled Digital Course, Toxic Relationships Digital Course and 7 Shocking Truths Every Parent Should Know About Divorce & Kid's Digital Course.

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The Naked Truth

What Should I Do With My Life? Do you feel at times as if you are wasting your one and only short life? Have you ever asked yourself questions like, “What is the meaning of life?” Or “Why On Earth Are You Here?” or “What Does a Great Life Look Like?”

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Toxic Relationships

Survive the manipulator. Betrayed? The drama of deception. Being scammed emotionally is the ultimate mind warp. It's so close to home that we're driven to blame the victim. Learn how to detox from a Toxic Relationship.

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7 Shocking Truths

This class is designed to help you to understand relationship endings, recognize the importance of shared parenting, gain strategies to better communicate with your ex-partner, and identify strategies for communicating with children.

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Road Less Traveled

The 7-Step "Superpowers" You Need To Know To Change Your Life After a Divorce or Break-Up. A Break-Up can leave its marks deeply rooted in ourselves. Break-Ups can be one of the most painful experiences in your lifetime.

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Temperament Analysis Questionnaire

The Temperament Analysis Questionnaire is an accurate, simple, and highly effective tool to identify the inborn temperament of the individual. Our temperament remains with us throughout our lives.

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