3 Behaviors That Make Relationships Toxic

By Nancy Duarte Life Coach | Nov 12, 2022
There are three primary ways that people interact that can make their relationships toxic: - Withholding: Some people withhold love, attention, or affection to punish their partner for mistakes or misdeeds. This is a very toxic way to interact with the surrounding people, as it can make them feel unloved and resentful. It also robs them of the chance to make amends and repair their relationship with you. - Arguing: Healthy relationships are full of communication, but there are some arguments that are so toxic that they simply shouldn’t happen at all. If you and your partner have an unhealthy argument, you’re probably doing a few things wrong. You may make personal attacks, talk in an overly aggressive tone, or simply refuse to listen to your partner. - Hiding Your Feelings: In a healthy relationship, partners are honest with each other. They are open about their feelings and don’t hide insecurities or resentments. In a toxic relationship, however, people will sometimes refuse to be open about what they’re feeling, or even hide their feelings altogether. Hiding your feelings is toxic because it prevents you from being honest with your partner and, as a result, prevents you from getting what you need from the relationship.