7 Shocking Truths Every Parent Should Know About Divorce & Kids

By Nancy Duarte Life Coach | Nov 30, 2022
When parents get separated or divorced, it can be an extremely difficult time for children. They may feel abandoned and rejected because they no longer have a relationship with either parent in the family anymore.
Just as you are riding an emotional roller coaster, your children are dealing with feelings that they may never have experienced before.
By addressing their feelings in this vulnerable and difficult time, you can affect their future in a positive way.
How you react when your child is feeling down or angry can have a lasting impact on their future emotions. Children will act differently depending on their ages and their unique personalities. A certain amount of acting out is to be expected, and some of these behaviors come with the territory at particular ages.
When you see a change of behavior or you see signs of disruptive behavior, it is time to intervene.