A Toxic Leader?

By Nancy Duarte Life Coach | Sep 18, 2023

A toxic leader? Well, that's someone who's in charge but somehow manages to turn a thriving group or organization into a chaotic dumpster fire. It's like having a gardener who turns a lush garden into a barren wasteland.

And here's the twist – sometimes, these bad leadership vibes spread faster than a catchy tune. Reporting toxic leadership up the chain can feel like asking a cat to bark – not much support and lots of bewildered stares!

In simpler terms, it's like having a chef who burns every dish, and the waitstaff won't tell the manager because they're afraid of getting served charcoal for dinner! So, remember, if your leader is turning the workplace into a comedy of errors, it might be time to find a leadership team that doesn't treat every day like April Fools' Day!