About Nancy

Nancy Duarte

Transformational Life Coach

What If You’re Not a Failure? What If You’re Not Falling Behind? What If You’re Learning? “Every single thing that used to work has stopped working, all at the same time.” Nancy Duarte Course Instructor, wrote down this phrase in her mid-fifties . And shared it with her women clients in her therapy practice for the past 23 years. It was exactly the way Nancy was feeling many times as she faced her adversities. From childhood abandonment, domestic violence, loss of her two sons, divorce, co-parenting with a toxic ex husband abuser. She has been through many adversities in her life time where she will share live with you, to help you understand through her deep rooted words from her soul to yours. It will slowly take you down the path on how you will find meaning, significance and purpose in your life regardless of your situation. In her journey she had learnt on many of the beliefs and practices that had been useful in her life no longer worked. After trying—and failing—to move forward using the same old tools, she realized she required new ones: courage, curiosity, and self-compassion. Throughout the six sessions of her creating The Naked Truth and her video series, Nancy talks about unlearning what is no longer helpful, embracing curiosity, and making peace with the unexpected twists and turns of life. She shares candidly about the challenges and blessings she has experienced and invites participants to explore what happens when we release our expectations for how we thought life would look and open ourselves up to the freedom and peace that come from choosing to be a beginner again. Whatever you’re trying to navigate, Nancy's honest reflections offer hope for healing and encouragement to begin again. Discover that life is more about questions than answers, more about forgiveness than force, more about tenderness than trying hard.