Are You Wrapped With Guilt & Shame?

By Nancy Duarte Life Coach | Dec 06, 2022
Are you wrapped with guilt and shame? As life goes by, summer comes and goes, and in the depths of the coldest winter, you find sadness. You slowly have closed your heart to a family member, mother, father, siblings, and friends. Do you become jealous of people who are more handsome or beautiful or simply popular? What went wrong? Life between faith and your life has widened? And you don’t know how to close it. It seems like it's getting worse as time goes by. Where are you going? Do you lack wisdom? Faith? Love? The question we eventually ask ourselves. I will let you decide among yourselves. Don’t let time go by and your time is gone. Why on earth are you here for? It’s time to take that question seriously before life, as you know, passed you by.