Courageous Women in the World

By Nancy Duarte Life Coach | Dec 06, 2022
To all courageous women in the world and all those who will take the risk of stepping into their most courageous selves. Every time we make a choice that is based on fear, it sealed us in the belief that we are unworthy. That we are not good enough or not strong enough to be in control of our own lives, our thoughts, and our beliefs. Our choices and our future. Every time we make a choice based on fear, we teach our minds to believe that we are helpless, hopeless, and powerless. Three emotional states leave us feeling like the victim. What do we need to be confident? To stand in all our strength, and to feel great about ourselves? We need to rebuild our confidence. And we must begin by improving our self-esteem. We need to learn to love all of who we are, our history, our flaws, our misgivings, our weaknesses, and our fears. And even more than learning to love ourselves, we need to take love on as a cause. We need to become warriors for love. We need to fight for ourselves and stand up for who we are and what we want to become. We need to be warriors instead of victims and fighters instead of followers.