Extraordinary Life

By Nancy Duarte Life Coach | Mar 28, 2023
If you feel like you’re living a tired, stagnant, bored, overwhelmed, and uninspired life and are ready to exchange it for the EXTRAORDINARY life you dream of... there’s one simple way to do it. Change Your Comfort Zone. What would your life be like if you truly saw yourself as EXTRAORDINARY? Seeing yourself as an extraordinary woman means you: See yourself as smart, remarkable, beautiful, and powerful. Think highly of yourself — full of self-respect and self-love. Know yourself deeply — what you love, what turns you on, what lights you up. Show up on purpose — how you carry yourself, how you use your time, and choose to take charge of your life. Look in the mirror and really love the image reflected back to you. Imagine the relationships you’d have, the jobs you’d go for, the goals you’d set, the money you’d make, the well-being you’d create, and the amount of joy you’d experience if you refused to buy into any story that was less than extraordinary. Say YES To Extraordinary! I WANT AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE You Are Not The Problem. Your Self-Image Is.
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