Ladies, Why Are You Apologizing?

By Nancy Duarte Life Coach | Dec 15, 2022
Ladies, why are you apologizing? Before you change your habit of over-apologizing, notice when you apologize and why. Is it anytime you feel you’re in someone’s way? Or maybe whenever you want to ask a question during a meeting? Notice when sorry comes out of your mouth when you haven’t actually done anything wrong. Try asking a trusted friend or colleague to point it out to you or even having a day where you write a tick mark every time you say it. Think about why you apologize. Has sorry become a filler word? Maybe it gives you something to say when you aren’t sure what else to say, or maybe it’s a way of dealing with anxiety or a lack of confidence in certain situations. Understanding why you apologize all the time will help you identify situations in which you could brainstorm some other words and phrases to have in your arsenal instead.