Predatory Stare

By Nancy Duarte Life Coach | Aug 31, 2023

Sociopaths use eye contact in various ways, depending on their aim in any given situation, and often use the predatory stare to intimidate and unsettle.

Imagine the look a lion gives its potential prey–that’s exactly what a predatory gaze looks like. It’s cold and calculating and harbors a lethal intent. If a lion locks its eyes on you, it either wants to eat you or challenge you, and the same could be said of a sociopath who gives you a similar stare. They may not think about eating you, but they want to dominate and control you. Sociopaths aren’t the only ones who utilize the power of a predatory stare, and this type of chilling gaze is also associated with psychopaths. If anyone uses a predatory stare on you, you should know that it means they see you as nothing more than a pawn in their power games. They think of you as nothing but prey and will use that lack of feeling to triumph in their dangerous power games.

Some sociopaths try to disguise a predatory gaze by masking it as a romantic gaze. As Thomas remarked earlier, a long stare could be seen as seductive, which you should be aware of.