Setting Boundaries With a High Conflict Co-Parent

By Nancy Duarte Life Coach | Nov 13, 2022
Setting Boundaries with a High Conflict Co-Parent. Apprehension related to raising children with a high-conflict co-parent is not uncommon or invalid, but it can complicate the situation for everyone involved, including your children. Without a willingness to work with this person, merely broaching the subject of creating a parenting strategy can be hard. Commit to Co-Parenting Boundaries. If your co-parent's disregard for the plan is creating issues that are taking a toll on you and your child, bring this to the attention of your attorney or other trusted family law professionals with whom you work. Keep Your Personal Life Personal. By not creating an opportunity for your co-parent to stalk you on social media, you are creating boundaries for what your co-parent knows about your personal life. Consider Parallel Parenting. Tools for Parallel Parenting Communication. Co-Parenting Relationship Pitfalls. Talk to someone. While you are setting boundaries to protect yourself from the other parent, don't set limits that prevent you from getting the help you need. Keep a dialog going with your attorney, mainly when you are still dealing with conflict with your co-parent. Co-Parent Boundaries Are Worth It.