Toxic Humans: Overt & Covert

By Nancy Duarte Life Coach | Nov 23, 2022
Toxic People can be overt or covert (also called vulnerable narcissism). Overt toxic characteristics are extroverts who express their exaggerated sense of self-importance outwardly. They’re loud, attention-seeking, arrogant, dismissive of other people’s needs, and always hungry for praise. You can easily detect an overt toxic person in the room. Covert Toxic Humans have the same goal of self-aggrandization and seeking admiration, but they’re subtle about achieving this goal. They come across as likable and reserved. They are withdrawn, shy and introverted. Covert Toxic Humans conceal their true feelings, thoughts, and intentions to get what they want. They are master manipulators who often experience low self-esteem but cover it with an arrogant exterior. Suppose you’re dealing with a covert toxic person at work or in your personal life. In that case, it’s important to know how to spot their weird habits so you can avoid falling victim to their manipulative tactics.