Understanding An Empath

By Nancy Duarte Life Coach | Nov 05, 2022
An Empath is a highly sensitive person, often referred to as HSP, but the HSP label is not entirely correct. HSPs are sensitive to light, sound, experiences, and emotions, while empaths will embody the emotions, experiences, and relational energy of others. This means that empaths not only feel what you are feeling but often have intel on how you can untangle your mess and improve your life. When Empaths heal themselves and get beyond their egos, they can become emotional superheroes. Many Empaths must learn how to set clear boundaries with family members and friends. They have to adopt practices, habits, and rituals that help them clear the emotional debris they often collect through everyday experiences. Empaths are big-hearted, intuitive sponges. It’s not complicated; if you feel it, they feel it. Because Empaths live with one foot in other realms, they sometimes find it difficult to live in the real world. To be grounded and happy, empaths often need:
Time to consider, embrace, and integrate personal and work relationships
Healthy food and helpful supplements: Meditation and prayer, leisure activities that don’t involve crowds.