What Is Deep Rooted In Your Soul?

By Nancy Duarte Life Coach | Dec 08, 2022
How can we love others? Serve others? Be an inspiration to others? What wisdom do you offer to your family, friends, and new people you meet in your life? As you walk slowly in life and walk down the mountains, the beach, the streets. What is rooted deep in your soul? What are your growing concerns about your life? Have you abandoned your talents? Your gifts? Are you going to continue to live a life not worth living for? Little things you do daily do matter. These are Holy Moments by breathing into the community and flourishing your gifts. Even the flowers in the fields and the cows in the barn will be happier. Nothing goes unnoticed. It begins with the small things in life that lead you to bigger, happier, and greater. Don’t let the sun go down today, think about what a great life might look like.